Want to locate your assets and resources?

We provide GPS quality digital map data and develop Location Based Service Applications.

Maptell Maps

We prepare Web GIS and LBS/AVL applications. The maptell portal is one of the first Internet mapping applications of Indian subcontinent. We continue to cater the GIS industry with our map products and services. We also provide data and map API support for integrating maptell maps to third party mapping, vehicle tracking and mobile resource management applications.

Maptell provide Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) / Location Based Service (LBS) quality GIS data for major Indian cities. The major data layers include roads, rail, administrative boundaries, major land use and Point of Interests.We also prepare and sell digital spatial data of many other countries from Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. Get high quality data at affordable price.

Maptell Zorba

Maptell released new version of Maptell Zorba Asset and Vehicle Tracking portal - www.zorbatrack.com. This state-of-the art fleet management and vehicle tracking solution can increase the productivity of your fleets, assets and mobile resources. Zorba versions are available for a large number of verticals. It supports a large number of GPS tracking devices and gadgets.

Maptell Services

MapTell helps businesses to find new customers and stay competitive in the ever-changing business world.

The Maptell services are useful in an array of fields including telecom, oil & gas, travel, tourism, transport, medical services, utilities, automotive, retail, real estate, computer/Internet, professional services, food & accommodation etc. Maptell can provide information about addresses, sales territory, service boundary, delivery route, marketing surveys and a lot more. These all information can be interactively managed and illustrated in the map tools using the latest GIS technologies.

Data Translation

Maptell.com provides GIS data Conversion Services to clients with complex and high quality data needs. We can fulfill your data conversion needs within time schedules without loosing quality.
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Digital Cartography

MapTell have facilities to convert hard copy drawings and maps to digital copies. Maptell GIS lab is well equipped with tools for computer aided cartography and Photogrammetry.
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Application Development

We have expertise in developing software applications including Location Based Services, Map Portals, Automated Vehicle Location systems and Public Transport Information systems.
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